The scarcity of talent and inability to attract and retain enough talent has forced organisations to seek for ways to retain their high performing employees. An effective employee compensation structure is one of the critical components of a competitive human resource strategy since compensation practices heavily affects recruitment, turnover, investors and employee productivity.

Not only the most visible elements of an employee’s remuneration package, compensation and benefits are of interest to investors as well as regulators, governments and even customers. Balancing an organisation’s compensation and benefits package and workforce productivity is critical it’s short- and long-term goals, create a consistent message and meet the concerns and demands of its investors

Decisions regarding the alignment of compensation and benefits strategies to company goals should be by data rather than emotional response. The P4PE Institute strategic Compensation and Benefit Management Programme will teach you how to use data in practical and realistic ways to evaluate an organization’s existing strategy for total rewards.

Attend the Strategic Compensation and Benefit Management Programme and develop the skills and strategies to effectively attract, manage and retain talented high preforming individuals your Organisation needs to deliver its strategic goals.


  • Explore rising trends in compensation, benefits and total rewards strategy, and how they affect your company and industry.
  • Analyse salary survey data to determine competitive pay rates and benefits packages in the market.
  • Use data in practical and realistic ways to evaluate an organisation’s existing total rewards strategy.
  • Learn how to empower your staff by giving them recognition in meaningful ways.
  • Discover what big businesses are doing with health plans and uncover lessons that can learnt to improve your benefit offerings
  • Network with other HR Professionals who are responsible for compensation and benefits plans and strategies


  • The role & value of Compensation and Benefits within the organisation
  • Defining the role and purpose of compensation
  • The importance of perception and communication recent research
  • The role of the Compensation and Benefits function.
  • Defining the value of C&B within your organisation
  • Linking C&B to the wider HR function
  • How C&B can work with the wider HR community to deliver integrated tactical and strategic programmes
  • Building a Total Compensation Plan (with a focus on non-cash reward)
  • Defining total compensation and articulating its importance to the organisation
  • Developing a total comp & Ben Strategy
  • Measuring and communicating non-cash rewards
  • Introducing the concepts of employee branding and employee value proposition
  • The core competencies of a successful HR Compensation and Benefit professional (focus on building relationships and business acumen)
  • Implementing C&B change successfully
  • Managing C&B in a global environment

Who should attend?

Company Executives HR professionals, Compensation and Benefits Professionals, Sales & Regional Managers and anyone who is involved in the decision making, Strategizing and execution of Compensation and benefits programme for employers of all industries and sizes.

Organizational Design (OD) Master Class

Organisations need to constantly adjust how they can best fulfil their task of providing goods and services to society and meaningful employment to their members. Customer and market requirements might change, or new production methods or technology become available. If there are underlying structural issues, these need to be addressed in the organisational design. However, a grand plan for change that forgets about the people who are to carry it out will not work. Likewise, a plan that focuses only on the soft factors and ignores the root causes is almost certainly doomed to fail.

This Master Class sets out how organizations will support the achievement of strategic goals & contribute to organizational effectiveness with clear measurable impact and ROI.


Organizational Design(OD) Master Class is an organizational strategy that articulates the workforce capabilities, skills or competencies required ensuring a sustainable, successful organization and that sets out the means of developing these capabilities to underpin organizational effectiveness.

Through the use of strategic information and tools, along with practical examples, checklists, and assignments, this West African workshop will help you to discover how to work with colleagues and service providers to align OD, as well as challenge business assumptions to clarify your organisation’s needs and objectives.



  • Introduction: The business case for Organisational Development
  • Design Before Development – Principle centred OD
  • Building the OD DNA and Framework
  • Organisational Analysis: Developing the organisational
    Tool – Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT)
  • Learn how to prioritise business needs & align to HR and learning strategies
  • Learn how to evaluate L&D and demonstrate ROI (Workshop)
  • Create an L&D Function Strategy – guide to developing people (Workshop)
  • Craft a Leadership and Management Development Strategy (Toolkit)
  • Setting up a Corporate Academy/University: a catalyst for strategic learning & development (Case studies)
  • Learn how to design, deliver and evaluate L&D Provision (Toolkit)
  • Setting up an effective coaching programme in a L&D Strategy
  • Blueprint for the Learning and Development function








By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • describe the features and benefits of the various models of change and organisation design
  • decide whether the organisation issue merits organisation design or redesign
  • make informed structural decisions in relation to the organisation or business issue
  • assess the organisation’s readiness for change
  • engage stakeholders in the design project
  • consider the risks involved in the design project
  • review the project as it proceeds
  • use techniques and tools to generate stakeholder buy in to the new design
  • identify the organisation capability needed to sustain flexibility and adaptability
  • conduct Strategic Business Unit Reviews to align with the organizational strategy Maximize the use of technology in order to achieve service excellence
  • Develop capability and confidence in OD, focussing on the high level design stages




This practical and interactive course is designed for HR practitioners, line managers, or internal/external HR and organisational development consultants, involved in planning or supporting

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