A Foundation Course to Sales & Marketing Career Increase your sales performance growth by over 6 times when you attend the Sales Skills Development Academy from P4PE. It is the flagship sales training programme for our Sales Training System. This Skills Academy is action-centred and tailored for your selling situations using our unique “Open Architecture” materials as our Professional Facilitators take you through the course.

Course Overview

The P4PE Sales Skills Academy is the flagship sales training program for our Sales Training System. This programme introduces the strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling and provides the key selling skills needed to become a top-performing salesperson. Learn how to Perfect the Art of Selling by;

1) Generating more appointments,

2) Understanding customer behaviour and;

3) Closing more sales.


Course Content

This programme is very effective with real life examples, discussions, exercises and simulations. It will help you develop an action plan.

Building Buyer/Seller Relationships: How to effectively merge relationship skills with selling skills

Sales Call Planning: What every sales person should do when planning sales calls

Sales Questioning Skills: How to ask all of the best questions so nothing is left on the table

Sales Presentation Skills: How to Make high impact presentations that keep customers focused on buying your company and product

Gaining Commitment: How to Smoothly and effectively ask for commitment

Workshops include: Experienced Instructors, sales training videos, open-architecture workbooks, customized scenarios, group exercises and role play practice. You’ll use your company, products and selling environment in every step of the training.

Course Benefits – What do I learn?

  • Complete set of course notes & copies of interactive workshop records
  • Gain practical Sales knowledge and the skills to improve Sales job performance
  • Promote a consistent understanding of the Sales function
    • Overcome resistance and close more sales
    • Gain confidence and make dynamic sales presentations
    • Build trust and establish rapport
    • Distinguish Between transactional selling and relationship selling
    • Learn the do’s and don’ts of professional selling
    • Identify buying motives and selling opportunities
    • Identify and meet customer needs and expectations

Target Participants

This Course is designed for salespeople and sales managers from any size company:

Experienced sales professionals looking to sharpen their skills and expand their success

New salespeople wanting to learn how to sell effectively and build long-term loyal relationships

Salespeople who want to consistently hit quota and shorten their sales cycle

Entrepreneurs seeking to develop sales skills

Sales Managers who want a system for coaching sales people


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