Business leaders increasingly understand that a highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce is critical to achieving growth in chosen field.  Well-executed, Category Management can make a dramatic difference to your organization. Alongside improving value through reduced prices, it can deliver reduced cost and risk, increased innovation, brand value, greater effectiveness and a stronger competitive position. The P4PE Category Development & Management programme can make a clear contribution to the bottom line and generate a solid contribution to shareholder equity.

We provide category management training that is flexible to meet organizations specific needs. Our category management training is both accessible and comprehensive, offering a full service way to help companies distribute learning tools so individuals or groups may better understand the fundamentals of interpreting data and analytics being gathered, thereby assisting companies distribute foundational training with actionable insights for their customers and products.



At the end of the programme participants will able to:

  • Establish and guide the selection, prioritization, balancing, and termination processes for products / service category components to ensure alignment with organizational strategy.
  • Provide key stakeholders with timely assessment of categories and component performance.
  • Assist decision makers with the review, reprioritization, and optimization of the category
  • Ensure timely and consistent communication to stakeholders on progress, impacts, and changes associated with management of the category.
  • Participating in program and project reviews to reflect senior level support, leadership, and involvement in important matters.
  • Deploy strategies that grow brand effective of category.
  • Increase Revenue and Sales of the categories
  • Manage cost of the category.







  • Brand Management
  • Revenue Models for various product & services
  • Pricing Models
  • Promoting and Marketing categories
  • Cross selling products / service
  • Managing Profit and loss of categories
  • Activity based cost for categories
  • Developing Customer LTV
  • Profit Models
  • Strategic marketing Analysis
  • Conducting category SWOT analysis


Sales managers, Supervisors, Retail store owners, Service Managers, Customer service officers, Entrepreneurs, FMCG Managers etc.

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