Course Summary

At the heart of management initiatives being implemented in most organizations is the goal of improved performance. The outcome sought is better quality and more accessible products and services for clients, delivered in such a way which maximises value for money and is compatible with the budgetary constraints within which the organization must operate. It follows that the active management of performance should be a priority issue for managers. This course is designed to provide managers with an overview of the issues associated with the management of performance and to assist them in using it as a strategic management tool to enhance the performance of their work units. The course is also structured to reflect the major elements of the P4PEs Workforce Management Strategy model as a comprehensive framework for a discussion of issues relating to performance management.

Course Structure


  • PMS Overview
  • Performance and Talent Management
  • The Integrated PMS Model Conducting a PMS Audit
  • Phases in Implementing Integrated PMS
  • Tools and Techniques for Implementation
  • Implementation Pitfalls & Key Success Factors
  • PMS Policy Template (Sample)


  • Developing a Workforce Management Strategy
  • Workforce Leadership
  • Workforce Capability
  • Workforce Performance
  • Organisational Climate
  • Performance Management Analytics and Reporting


  • Automating the PMS
  • Dealing with Performance Review Outcomes
  • PMS Best Practices
  • New & Emerging Trends in PMS (Crowdsourcing)
  • Pairing a coaching and development model with a social platform


Course BenefitsWhat Do I learn?

In addition to being a powerful tool in developing an effective PMS, participants will walk away with over 20 ready to use tools and models to effectively manage their PMS. It also provides a solid foundation for managing the HR challenges in today’s demanding work environment; it supplies a current reference of HR practices, broadens the perspective of performance specialists, and strengthens individual competencies and productivity.


Target Participants

Senior officers, Managers and Professionals responsible for organizational effectiveness. Business analysts, research and statistics, risk analyst, financial controllers, Internal auditors. Support staff from IT, HR, Finance, Admin, Operations etc




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