Operation Management is the efficient and effective implementation of the policies and tasks necessary to satisfy a company’s customers, employees, and management. It is the management of systems or processes that create goods and/or provide services. Ongoing activities of designing, reviewing and using the operating system, to achieve service outputs as determined by the organization for customers.


This quality course presents strategic and managerial issues in order to emphasize that the decisions made by operations managers should be consistent with a corporate strategy shared by managers in all functional areas. It presents the operations tools and techniques for solving problems in the context of achieving a firm’s overall goals and strategies, and provides a balanced treatment of manufacturing and services throughout.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

1. Identify and articulate how operations management contributes to the achievement of an organization’s strategic objectives.
2. Critically evaluate the operations function in manufacturing and service production settings.
3. Appraise and apply forecasting methods as the basis of management’s planning and control activity.
4. Assess and formulate decision making strategies to address operating issues that have short, intermediate or long lead times.
5. Evaluate approaches to problem solving and process improvement in production settings.
6. Synthesize the depth and breadth of knowledge, knowledge of methodologies, application of knowledge, and communication skills according to the degree level competencies established by authorizing bodies for degree programs in Ontario

Course Content:

Introduction to Operations and Supply Management
Process Design
– product/service, process, facility, waiting lines, work
systems and location
Quality Management
Capacity Planning and Inventory Control
– lean manufacturing, inventory management, material
requirements planning, just-in-time, enterprise resource
planning, scheduling and control
Supply Chain Management

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is interested and involved in the Operations Management field.

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