Why You Should Attend This Course:

People are most important in the complex ecosystem of interdependent parts of an organisation. So how do you build a close working relationship with your stakeholders in today’s world of information overload, fast-moving happenings and ever-changing office arena? How do you communicate effectively, have their ears and hearts, and affinity? Through this course, you will better understand your stakeholders, develop a positive working relationship based on cooperation and mutual respect, and maximise long-term benefits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better identify your organisation’s stakeholders
  • Manage their expectations through strong rapport and an enhanced working relationship
  • Effectively communicate through identifying and overcoming communication barriers in a 2-way communication environment
  • Apply stakeholder relationship management techniques to gain stakeholders’ confidence and cooperation in new product roll-outs, news announcements, issues management and crisis, etc.

Course Outline:

Stakeholders’ Interest and Expectations

  • Definition of a stakeholder
  • What is at stake?
  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • Stakeholder interests
  • What are stakeholder relationships?
  • How stakeholders impact an organisation
  • Stakeholder, Shareholder, Target Audience
  • “Needs” and “Wants” of stakeholders
  • What customers really want

Stakeholder Engagement

  • How to conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • How to create a stakeholder grid
  • Principles of engagement
  • Framework of engagement
  • 5Cs for interacting with stakeholders
  • Benefits of engagement
  • Areas of focus

Effective Communication to Enhance Outcome

  • What are stakeholder communications?
  • Communication barriers
  • Communication techniques
  • Feedback
  • Key messages
  • Impact of globalism

Relationship Threats

  • Personality types and office behaviour
  • Dealing with office politics
  • Managing conflicts

Sustaining the Relationship Fostered

  • Leveraging stakeholder relationship to improve business performance

Group Exercises

Who Will Benefit?

Executives from the realms of Relationship Management, PR & Advertising, Investor Relations, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Admin Management and anyone who strives to build a successful and lasting working relationship with anyone.


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