The New Managers Programme is a P4PE entry level programme for transforming oneself from a specialist to a general management role. The programme will introduce managers to business principles and skills in management It is run as four 5-weekday sessions over a period of four months. Assignments are completed between blocks. Each module is examined.


New and Emerging Managers are tasked with the responsibility of managing a team to achieve results for the first time. They have to navigate a new environment, having moved past technical task based familiarity to managing others. The purpose of this programme is to take delegates through the fundamentals of management, addressing competencies required for effective management and covering everything from the functional competencies required of a manager, to the more process orientated people management.


This course is aimed at individuals who are earmarked as future leaders / managers in an organisation, or individuals who have recently been promoted to management level and are now having to navigate a new landscape. The practical skills will enable delegates to develop a strong foundation for effective leadership and people management.



This highly participative programme covers a wide range of topics with high-level trainer input. It combines:

  • theory input, individual reflection and development planning
  • extensive opportunities to focus on real work challenges in small groups
  • opportunities to work in coaching pairs to share peer experience
  • action based learning activities to put key skills into practice





At the end of this Programme, Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of business and their importance in the overall functioning of an organisation
  • Enhance your leadership and management capabilities
  • Identify and enhance business communication strategies to achieve results
  • Effectively manage projects and your time
  • Understand the fundamentals of finance
  • Develop, motivate and manage a team



  • Fundamentals of management
  • Business communication
  • Project management
  • Introduction to finance
  • People management
  • Leadership development
  • Personal coaching


Individuals identified as future or emerging leaders, Individuals who are in a management role for the first time, Supervisors or team leaders


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