Consultative selling skills dramatically improve the quality of sales calls.


The Consultative Selling Skills programme is custom designed to teach participants how to position themselves as a valuable resource to their clients. The program will illustrate the importance of clearly defining a client’s needs and objectives and developing sustainable relationships. The program will provide practical techniques to improve the selling skills of your people. Participants will learn that Consultative Selling can assist them to deliver value to their clients through effective questioning techniques. This in turn sets the scene for mutually beneficial relationships and allows clients to communicate their needs.

Developing consultative selling skills is crucial in today’s competitive sales environment. It is increasingly common for buyers to conduct independent web-based research prior to meeting with a sales representative.  Buyers, therefore, are no longer interested in hearing a list of product features; rather, they are interested in learning about how a product or service will help them solve their business challenges. In order for sales people to effectively understand the business challenges of their clients or prospects they need to be skilled at engaging in a consultative sales dialog that focuses on the customers’ needs rather than the sellers pitch. Developing consultative selling skills will help sales professionals in a number of ways, helping them to:


  1. Raise the quality of sales calls with clients making the call more productive
  2. Provide insights that adds value to the sales conversation
  3. Discover client’s needs and the ability to persuasively link these needs to available solutions
  4. Resolve objections and resistance in a client-focused manner
  5. Close more effectively in order to move the deal forward



Customer Buying Decision Making Styles

  • The theory behind the four different purchasing decision making styles
  • The impact on relationships when styles are not in-sync
  • A strategy to adapt sales approach to compliment customer buying decision making style.

Preparing for the customer conversation

  • Research the customer’s business and refresh on known facts and past conversations
  • Create assumed potential wants and needs to develop rebuttals and potential solutions
  • Be clear of your call objectives, having linking questions that invite a conversation
  • Creating a first class impression, in 30 seconds

Building Rapport with Customers

  • The importance of personal presentation, body language and personality
  • Assessing the customer’s style and behaviour
  • Self-assessment on own body language and the message it may send

Analyse the Situation and identify Needs

  • Researching the scope and strength of the competition
  • Differentiating your products and service from your competitors by adding value
  • Competitors’ sales strategies – strengths and weaknesses
  • Using questions that drill for true needs
  • Summarising impact of customer needs to create opportunity

Presenting solutions and gaining commitment

  • Analysing your fears, objections and doubts
  • Design solutions with the options and flexibility
  • Blend products, sales processes and problems together
  • Presenting your proposal using persuasion and influencing skills
  • Creating commitment by linking benefits to the client’s needs
  • Understand when to close and what style to use




Key learning outcomes Your Consultative Selling Skills program will give participants the skills to:


  • Understand buyer behaviour
  • Identify a client’s needs
  • Involve and engage your client through the selling process
  • Build trust and commitment
  • Create knowledge base (not a database) of your most profitable clients
  • Add value to your client that is not necessarily related to your service or product
  • Create contingency plans in case your client perceives a service failure
  • Create, Communicate and Deliver Value
  • Position yourself as a unique source of help that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Actively listen – What?



This Consultative selling skills training is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced Salespeople, Supervisors, Team leader, Managers, Senior and executive manager.


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