Effective Presentation Skills

Having a structured framework and the right skill set will give you the self-assurance and security to deliver effective presentations that convince and compel your audience.


HR Transformation And Change Management

HR transformation is a process of realigning an HR function to the strategy and goals of the organization so that HR can become a true partner in success. The goal of HR transformation is not simply to improve the efficiency of processes within the HR function, but to improve the function’s effectiveness.


Business Partnering And Internal Consulting

This programme focuses on helping HR professionals understand what business partnering and consulting is and provides practical tools and techniques to enable them to improve their influencing and problem solving skills, and work more effectively with client managers


Performance Management System (PMS)- Master Class

This course is designed to provide managers with an overview of the issues associated with the management of performance and to assist them in using it as a strategic management tool to enhance the performance of their work units.


Workforce Intelligence and HR Analytics Master Class

This intensive three-day course will teach you how to properly align human capital analytics with business and HR strategies and leverage the data you have to build and deliver workforce and HR metrics that will improve results.

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